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Vegas Dental Directory Support

If you’re not receiving emails regarding payments, registration, or account information, please check your SPAM folder, or add vegasdentaldirectory to your contacts.

Welcome to the vegasdentaldirectory support page.

Here you will find information on how to create and manage a Las Vegas dentist directory listing on vegasdentaldirectory.com. You can use the menu on the left to jump to specific topics, or you can scroll through the page. vegasdentaldirectory is very easy to use, and a great way to promote your business on a site dedicated to all facets of dental practice in the Las Vegas valley. Of course, if you have any specific questions, you can always contact us at help@vegasdentaldirectory.com or click here for our contact form.

I already see my listing on vegasdentaldirectory.com.

We’ve already put many basic listings up on the site to allow clients to get a visualization of the site, and to allow potential customers to find dental providers while we grow. These are basically placeholders that will be deleted once you register and create your new listing. Please see below, or you can go to our STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS page and quickly see how everything works.

How to register for an account. It’s Free! 

Registering for an account is quick and easy:

Click the “Sign In Or Register Now” button at the top of the home page. Click “Not a Member? Sign up” toward the bottom of the box. You will be asked for a Username, email address, and password.

That’s it! You can immediately log back in and add a listing (free or paid), or go to your dashboard area and update your profile if you like. Hover over your username to see options.

You will be sent an email with your registration information. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE EMAIL.

How much does a listing cost?

We only have one simple, affordable paid plan which includes all of our features. For only $10/month (paid annually), you can create a stunning listing to show new clients what sets you apart from the competition. You can place a FREE listing, but it will only include your name, phone number, and website address. Check out the features included with every paid subscription. You can get details on our features by clicking here

ANNUAL PLAN ($120/yr.)

  • Promotional Video Player
  • Google Map Location
  • Image Gallery
  • Website Link
  • Contact/Lead Form
  • Tagline
  • Social Media Links
  • Business Hours
  • Custom Searchable Tags
  • Custom Filters on Search
  • Promote Events on Homepage
  • Create Coupons and Discounts
  • Announcements on Your Listing

Extra Promotional Opportunities

  • Create an Advertisement Campaign
  • Submit Articles Linking Back to Your Site

Creating a new listing.

Creating a listing is very simple and straight forward. Click HERE to see the STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS on creating a listing. To make a new listing, just log in to your account and click the “+Add Listing” button. Simply fill in the information as you work your way down the page. You can always save your listing and come back and edit it any time. Once you submit your listing for the first time, it will be checked over and and approved, then published. You will receive and email once your listing is published. Once published, you can edit your listing(s) anytime by logging in and going to your dashboard. 


You may choose more than one region under LOCATION.
You may choose more than one CATEGORY.
Under BUSINESS HOURS, you must first DELETE the default hours already listed. You can then add the business hours back. The times are in 24 hour (military), but they will display as normal 12 hour times once you publish.
FEATURED IMAGE is the small image shown on your listing in the search results.

Editing a listing.

To edit your listing, whether published or not can be done by logging into your account and going to the DASHBOARD link. Your listing links will be on the left side.


Features: Features are particular services, systems, or procedures you offer patients. These appear on your listing as well as used for searching by potential clients. If you would like new features added to your listing, you can contact us and we will add it to the category. You can then go to your listing and add it to your listing.

Creating an event?

The event feature is just what it sounds like. You can create an event, and it will be on the home page below the listings. Events will appear in order of their dates and have specified start and end times. Events will also show up on your listing detail page. Click HERE for STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS on creating an event.

Creating an Advertisement campaign.

vegasdentaldirectory gives you the opportunity to create affordable advertisements to give your dental practice better exposure on our site. We have 3 different advertisement options to choose from. Click HERE for STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS on starting an ad campaign.

Spotlight Ad – This puts your listing front and center on the homepage directly below the header. There are 9 listings always displayed with those who have advertisements always first, followed by most recent and active listings. This placement is $2 per day.

Top of Search Results – This puts your listing at the top of the search result within your category, or when matching search terms are entered by users. This placement is $1 per day

Side of Listing Detail Page – This is ad space that is on the sidebar of other listings details page.

Click HERE for STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS on starting advertisement campaigns.

How to put an announcement on your listing.

You can easily make announcements on your page by going to your dashboard and clicking the Announcement button on the left side of the page. You will be walked through simple steps to create an announcement. With this option you can do many different things besides making a simple announcement. You have the option creating a “call to action button”, and link this button to your website, or a specific page. Click HERE for STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS on adding an announcement to your listing.

Making a Coupon or Discount

The discount/coupon option is available for you to offer special promotions for your business. You can set start and end times for your promotion. This will display on your listing page as well as in the search results attached to your listing. Click on the left side of your dashboard for the coupon option.

Can you create my listing for me?

Yes, for a one time fee of $50, we will get your listing up and running. We will come to your office and get the necessary information from you to create the best listing possible. We can take some basic photos for your listing if needed as well.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Why would you ever do that? Just kidding. You can cancel your subscription to our site anytime. The are NO OBLIGATIONS OR CONTRACTS! If you have already paid for an annual subscription, it will continue through the 12 months you’ve paid for. No partial refunds are given for mid-term cancellations. You will NEVER be automatically re-billed for any term unless you specified that when you paid.

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