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Step By Step Instructions

Use the tabs below to see step-by-step instructions for the action you need help with. Please use the contact button at the top of the page if you need further assistance.
See our step-by-step YouTube video on creating a listing.

If you were sent a Username & Password

  1. Click the sign in or register now link at the top right of vegasdentaldirectory.com.
  2. Enter your username (10 digit phone number) and password.
  3. Go to your profile link located under your username at the top right of the page.
  4. On this page, enter your email address only. We DO NOT need any other information about you or your business on this page unless you want to add it. You may also change your password, or upload a profile image if you wish.
  5. Click the ADD LISTING button to begin creating your listing.
    *See below if you were not sent pre-registered information.

How to sign up for a free account

  1. Click the sign in or register now link at the top right of vegasdentaldirectory.com.
  2. Click the Not a member? Sign Up link directly below the blue sign in button.
  3. Choose a username. We prefer that you use your 10 digit phone number as your username, but you may use anything you like as long as it is unique to your practice.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Type a password. NOTE: There is not a “retype your password” box, so enter carefully.

That’s it!!

You can immediately log back in and modify your profile, look at your dashboard, or start your listing.

You will receive an email confirming your account. Please check your SPAM folder if you don’t receive our emails. If you were pre-registered, you won’t recieve an email at this time.

How to create a listing.

  1. Log into your account by clicking the Sign In or Register Now link.
  2. Click the Add Listing button at the top right of the page.
  3. Choose your PLAN. Our full featured plan is $120 annually, OR you can choose the free option which includes your website, and phone number only.
  4. LISTING TITLE: Fill in the name of your business as you want it to appear.
  5. TAGLINE: This is you one line sales pitch which will show on various elements on the site.
  6. CITY: Here you will choose the ZIP CODE of the location.
  7. GOOGLE ADDRESS: Start typing your address and Google will automatically find your address.
    NOTE ON UNIT NUMBERS and SUITE NUMBERS: Google does not recognize Ste, Suite, Unit, # etc. on addresses. ONLY put your main address in so that Google finds it. Once it does, it will automatically put the coordinates (longitude and latitude) into the form. Once that is done, you CAN go into the address field and add the unit, suite, or other identifier.
  8. PHONE: You may only add one number in this section.
  9. WEBSITE: Copy and paste your desired landing page for clients to click from your profile.
  10. BUSINESS HOURS: Business hours are pre-filled by default and cannot be edited. You will need to remove the five entries using the remove link to the right of each entry. Then choose the day and hours with the pull down menus.
  11. CATEGORY: You may choose as many categories as you like in this section. If you offer emergency dental service, please add the emergency category so that you will show up if a patient clicks the emergency dental button on the home page.

    This is also where you will select the INSURANCE providers you accept. If you don’t see one on the list that you accept, or one of them are misnamed, please contact us, and we will correct it right away. Contact Us
  12. ADD LISTING FEATURES: Within each category there are features attached that allow someone searching to narrow down the results based on particular features or services. Check the boxes of the features you offer. NOTE: If you would like a feature not listed to be added, maybe something not offered by many dentists, just contact us and we will add it to the list of optional services.
  13. DESCRIPTION: You can format your text in this section and add links.
  14. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): In this section, you can put answers to your most often asked questions.  Type the question in the FAQ box followed the answer in the box directly below. When you’re finished, click the blue box with a + (plus sign) to add another question. Add as many questions as you like.
  15. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Copy and paste the URL from your social media pages address bar in the corresponding box.
  16. TAGS OR KEYWORDS: Enter all the keywords, or tags that are related to your business. These will help narrow down the search results to terms relevant to your business.
  17. BUSINESS VIDEO: Copy and paste the URL from your video page if you have one on social media (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  18. IMAGES: Add images from your computer to upload to your listing page.
  19. UPLOAD FEATURE IMAGE: This is the image that is displayed in the search results for your listing. We recommend a 400×300 image or at least 4:3 ratio to fit correctly. A full color image is best, as text over your image is white.
  20.  UPLOAD BUSINESS LOGO: Choose the logo image from your computer. This may not display anywhere on our site currently, but may in the future.
  21. LISTING PREVIEW: Click the Listing Preview button at the bottom of the page. After a moment, a preview of your listing will appear with a message a the bottom: Your listing is pending!, Please proceed to continue.
  22. PAY & PUBLISH: At the very bottom right of the page, there are two buttons: Edit and Pay & Publish. If you wish to make changes, click the edit button. If you’re ready to pay and publish your listing, click the button. Remember, you can always log in and make changes to your listing at any time.


  1. Once you’ve proceeded to the payment page, you have two options for payment. Either select PayPal or Stripe by clicking in the appropriate box.
  2. Make sure you click the circle to the LEFT of the listing you want to pay for.
  3. Select the payment type you wish to proceed with. Click the Proceed to next button.
  4. You do have the option of ticking the recurring payment if you choose, but you wont be charged until the term of the listing has ended, which is 365 days.

Creating an Announcement

What is an announcement? An announcement is a message that is displayed on your listing page. You can change this announcement as often as you like. Unlike discounts, or events, announcements do not expire. They will remain on your page unless you delete them. You can use these to introduce new members of your team, or changes in your facilities, or procedures. Below are the steps to making an annoucement.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Hover over your username and select dashboard from the menu.
  3. On the dashboard along the left side of the page are the menus.
  4. Click the announcement button. If you have no announcements, click under the trophy graphic to add a new announcement.
  5. Call to Action: There are many types of announcements you can make based on your current situation. Each announcement type has an option to use a button with a link to direct people to a particular webpage on your site, or anywhere you choose.
  6. Listing: Search in the listing box to bring up your listing. Click on it.
  7. Icon: You will not need to use the icon feature.
  8. Button Text: Type what you want your button to read. Since it’s likely that any announcement you have is on your website, make the name something appropriate to your announcement.
  9. Button Link: You can link the button to any web address you choose.
  10. Preview: As you build your announcement, the preview will show you what the announcement will look like.
  11. Title: Type the title of your announcement.
  12. Description: Type the brief message you want to display to entice the user to click the button to direct them to your site.
  13. Save your announcement, and it will be displayed on your listing page.

Starting an Ad Campaign

Advertising on vegasdentaldirectory.com is super easy, and very affordable way to promote your business on the only local dental directory in Las Vegas. There are four options for advertising. Below is a description of how each works, followed by directions.


1. Spotlight Ad: These ads will be shown on the homepage, at the top along with some of the most visited, and newest listings. There are a 2 spots dedicated to spotlight ads and are distributed evenly among advertisers.
2. Top of Search: This will put you at the top of the search results that are relevant to your business. (ex: if someone is looking for Invisilign, you will show up at the top, if someone is looking for an Orthodontist in North Las Vegas, you will show up at the top of the results)
3. Side of Listing: Your as will show up on the sidebar of internal pages, such as other listings, or informational pages.
4. Paid Static Ad Space: These are ad spots dedicated to those who want exposure in a specific available space on the site. Prices on these ads are negotiable.


Log in and go to your dashboard.
Click Ad Campaigns on the left side of the screen.
Click Add New.
A brief description of the first three ad options is displayed. Click Let’s Get Started.
Select the listing you want to create an ad for.

Click the checkbox of the ad type you want. NOTE: You need to contact us directly if you want dedicated ad space. You can run all three types simultaneously.
Set the number of days you wish to run the ad. You may choose as many or as few as you wish. Your cost is based on cost per day ($0.50 or $1.00).
Check the bubble next to the payment type of your choice.
Click the Pay Now button and finish processing your payment.

How to post an Event

Events are displayed on the home page, and are set to be for one day. If your event is longer, you can add days individually. Since this is a high profile position on the page, we want to avoid subscribers from inundating the events section with longer events. 6 events are displayed at a time as they become chronologically relevant. Having events is a great way to get potential clients to become aware of your business.

Posting Events is FREE


Log in and go to your dashboard.
Click Events on the left side of the page.
Select the listing you are having the event for in the Hosted By section at the top.
Type a title or event name.
Give a description of the event.
In the section to the right, you can upload a file. This could be an image, or a flyer.
Select the date and time of your event.
Put the address of the event.
The Ticket URL is there if you wish to send invitees to a page to either buy tickets, or register if need be.

Creating a Coupon or Discount

Creating a coupon or discount is a good way to get new clients by creating an incentive to choose you for a first appointment. Your coupon or discount can be available to all, or require a code or phrase upon contacting you. Please ask if you have any questions about this feature.


Log in and go to your dashboard.
Click Discounts/Deals on the left side.
Click the Add New button either in the center of the screen, or the top right.
Select which listing you would like to add to.
Give your deal a title, and provide a brief description of the deal.
To the right of that, there is a space to place an image, which is displayed as a small round image.
Select the start and end date of the offer. It will not show up on your listing until it’s valid. It will then display a countdown clock of how much time is remaining.
You can enter a coupon code if you wish, or a phrase (keep it under 12 characters).
In the Discount Value box, you can put anything you like (ex: $100 off, 50%, Free)
In the Custom Text, you can put any text (Up to 30 Characters). This acts as the button to reveal the coupon code. If you place text instead, guests will not likely click which is probably more practical in this case.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

How to edit your profile

It is not really necessary to use this feature, but it has a few items on it that you need to know about. All the information boxes contained on the profile page are about the account user, and NOT the business you are listing. We don’t need any of that information from you except your email address, and that’s not even essential because we can always call you at the number of the business listed. You may want to use the few features listed below. Please contact us with any concerns.


Profile photo: You may wish to upload a business photo, or logo in place of the default avatar you are issued.
Change Password: At the bottom of the page, there is a place to change your password if you wish.
Delete Account: Located at the bottom right of the profile page, you will find the “delete account” button. Since listings are paid for up front annualy, you can cancel at any time, but we do not issue pro-rated refunds…. (but why in the world would you do this? :))

If you have any questions or comments, or need any help, please click the link to send us a message.

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