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Privacy Policy

vegasdentaldirectory.com Privacy Policy

vegasdentaldirectory.com is committed to the privacy and information protection of all those who use the site including dental providers and those looking to find a dental provider in the Las Vegas area. vegasdentaldirectory DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY USER to provide any personal information to the site in order to use the site. The only names that are kept by the site are those who’s dental practice business name is also the name of the providing doctor, which is public. vegasdentaldirectory DOES NOT collect data for any purpose. vegasdentaldirectory DOES NOT share any account information, email addresses or user information for any reason.

A registered user may, of their own volition, enter their name into their own account profile. While this is totally unnecessary, vegasdentaldirectory will not use the name for ANY PURPOSE. A user may, and is encouraged to use the site under a non identifiable username chosen by them at the time of registration. A person using the site to find local providers DOES NOT need to register to use the site. The only case in which a user must register under a username, is to leave a rating or review for a provider. In this case, the user IS REQUIRED to enter an email address. The email address is for the user to receive confirmations of account changes. A users email may also be used by a dental provider who wishes to respond to a user regarding a public review left on that providers listing. The provider may wish to contact the user in order to resolve a dispute, or to further discuss a topic left in the public forum. At anytime, if a provider or user of the site uses contact information displayed on the site for any other purpose other than dental business, or behaves in a harassing manor, the user or provider will be removed from the site.

Dental practices provide all the information contained on their listing, and are responsible for all content which is published to their page. Therefor, all information on their listing page is considered public information. The only information that vegasdentaldirectory uses from a provider is the email address entered for account creation. This information is used solely to communicate with the dental provider to maintain their profile and account. vegasdentaldirectory DOES NOT share this information with any entity outside this website FOR ANY REASON. Payments are facilitated through third parties (Stripe, Paypal). vegasdentaldirectory does not receive, or have access to, any payment information, including credit card numbers, or bank account information.

vegasdentaldirectory.com has the sole purpose of providing a directory for people looking for dental providers in the Las Vegas area. This site has no intention, or need to collect any sensitive information from any party for any reason in order for proper functionality.