Vegas Dental Directory is a local Las Vegas directory dedicated to promoting Dental businesses, and helping Las Vegas residents find the right dentist to fit their needs. Whether they are looking by location, specialty, specialized treatments, procedures, or insurance providers, we strive to make a comprehensive resource for prospective clients, as well as an effective, low cost way to promote local dental providers. Along with being an awesome directory, we want to provide valuable information regarding all things Dental to keep people engaged and create community.

 What makes this directory unique is that is a local directory dedicated to one field, dentistry. Unlike many other nationwide directories that sell expensive space for minimal listing features, we offer the most features available of any directory at the lowest price. We are constantly striving to move up the ranking for popular google search terms related to dental so that our members have the opportunity to get exposure front and center without paying an arm and a leg for advertising space. As our community grows, we want to be the “go to” source when people are looking for a dental provider. Check out our Listing Features page here, or scroll down for more information about us.

vegasdentaldirectory is always FREE for people searching for a Dentist in the Las Vegas area. For Dental practices, the cost is only $10 per month, which is literally a drop in the bucket compared to any other form of promotion. Check out the Listing Features page to see all the great options we have to offer for your listing, or go to the Home page where you can view our sample listings, or other dentists that have become members. NOTE: 

Once your listing is live, there are many ways for potential clients to find you. You can be listed in multiple categories of dental specialties. For instance, you may provide general dentistry, orthodontics, and offer emergency services. You will also be able to be searchable by zip code, insurance provider, keywords, doctor name, practice name, map, and keywords. Potential clients will easily be able to narrow down their search to find you.

Even More Filters

Once someone is presented with the search results (if they haven’t searched for you in particular), There will be a selection of “features/services” listed that will allow them to narrow down the results even further. You can increase your visibility with “top of search results” ads at a very low cost.

Yes. There are multiple additional ways to advertise on our site to gain the most exposure for your practice. All of them are quite affordable. Here is a short description of the options. 

Spotlight Ad: Your ad is placed on the front page in the first 2 positions of listing and is rotated among advertisers.

Top of search: Your listing will display at the top of any search where your practice is a match.

Sidebar Ad: Your listing will rotate among advertisers along the side of internal pages of the site.

Dedicated Static Ad: Your ad is placed in negotiated spot and stays in place for the entire term of the ad.

Guest Posting: If you are an advertiser in any capacity, you can have your blog post posted into our blog section linking back to your site and denoting your practice on the article.

Yes we can, but keep in mind that it’s very easy to create your own full featured listing in a few minutes. Depending on how much materials you have available, you can get your listing up and running in no time. Most every dentist already has a website, along with photos and maybe even a video. You can quickly copy text, upload photos, and insert links to videos. You can also log in and edit your listing any time you want. For a nominal fee, we can help you get your listing up and looking great for you. If you would like a visit to your office to demonstrate the site, and give some basic guidance, we can schedule that as well

You are in control of your content. You can change anything on your listing anytime by logging in and editing your listing. 

A registered user can edit and control an unlimited number of listings with their profile, but each location will have it’s own page. If you choose to promote more than one location with a single listing, you won’t be able to display multiple addresses. 

Oh no… why would you? Is there something we can do better? If you want to cancel, you can at any time, but keep in mind that we don’t offer pro-rated refunds. Basically, you pay up front for the full year …. at the low price of $120. We don’t auto renew, so no worries about getting charged again when the term is up. We will contact you before your term expires.