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We have a number of ways for you to promote your business once your a subscriber on our directory. As you know, your listing is only $120 per year, and our extra promotional opportunities are just as affordable. Check out the many other ways to advertise on our site to get more patients into your practice.

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Guest Posting

Many Dentist websites will regularly post content, such as articles or blogs. If you have purchased any advertisement package, you can post articles here on vegasdentaldirectory.com and get links back to your site as well as show your expertise to the visitors on our site. If you’re a subscriber, but don’t have any extra advertising, you can still get your articles on our site by placing a vegasdentaldirectory link on your site.

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This ad will place you on the sidebar of internal pages of the website. Sidebar ads are $0.50 cents per day

Static Placement Ads

These are ads that will place your ad in a particular position on the website, where it will remain for the term of the ad. Prices depend on the length of term and desired placement.